These links may be of interest to those wishing to know more about early
oil exploration in the Middle East 

Are You the Man? Memories of Life in the Trucial Oman Scout
s - a remarkable book of recollections that provides a fascinating insight into the desert force that protected the region became the UAE.
BP Archive, Warwick University - files and photographs from the Iraq Petroleum Company

Bibliography of the Arabian Peninsula - J.E. Peterson's website

British Yemeni Society journal
- review of In the Heart of the Desert by Julian Paxton

Can You Identify this Wellington? - links to a forum which discusses the identity of the Wellingon aircraft that Mike and his colleagues took on their journey between Riyan and Salalah in February, 1948
Fahud 50 Years On - Jan Schreurs is a geologist who, while based in Oman, went on many field trips, including one to Jebel Fahud in January 2006 to mark the spudding-in of Fahud No.1 oil well

From Pearls to Oil - How the Oil Industry came to the UAE: David Heard's book about the early days of oil on the Trucial Coast reviewed in The National newspaper

Hejaz Railway - a webpage from Nabataea.net which includes two of Mike Morton's photographs and commentary from his 1947 diary

I.B. Tauris - website of the publisher of Buraimi: the Struggle for Power, Influence and Oil in South-eastern Arabia

Iraq: Oil and Gas Industry in the Twentieth Century: book by Ghanim Anaz about the history of the oil business in Iraq

Iraq Petroleum Company - Wikipedia

Iraq Petroleum Company - Al Mashriq website

New Omani Chitinozoa - naming fossils after Mike Morton and Don Sheridan , Al Hajar journal (issue 17, October 2010, pp. 15-16)

Nestor Sander - an obituary of a pioneering explorationist by Bruno Granier in Carnets de Géologie [Notebooks on Geology], 11 March 2012 

Reaktion Books - website of the publisher of Keepers of the Golden Shore: A History of the United Arab Emirates 
Stratigraphic Lexicon of Iraq

The Geology of Oman - D.M. Morton, 5th World Petroleum Congress, 30th May - 5th June 1959
The Gush that Started the RushThe National, UAE - an article about the publication of the Arabic version of In the Heart of the Desert in the UAE.
Robert Hill - A Twentieth Century Life - snapshots from the life of Robert Hill, who worked for IPC in the 1940s and 50s

The Telegraph - review of In the Heart of the Desert by Jo Parfitt

UAE National Archives - publisher of Black Gold and Frankincense, The Third River and The Petroleum Gulf

Where is Flight CW197? - the mystery of an aeroplane crash in the vicinity of the Musandam peninsular

Ziad Beydoun - Wikipedia article about a pioneering geologist of the Middle East
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